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A Quick Guide to Settlement Agreements

Are you unsure of what Settlement Agreements are (previously referred to as a Compromise Agreement) and whether you may need one in place? Our free guide written by employment lawyers provides answers to the most commonly asked questions about Settlement Agreements including:

  • What is a Settlement Agreement?
  • When are Settlement Agreements used?
  • What about confidentiality?
  • What criteria does a Settlement Agreement need to meet in order to be valid?
  • Are there any types of claims that can’t be reconciled through a Settlement Agreement?
  • Does an employee need to be provided with a reference as part of a Settlement Agreement?
  • What happens if the terms of a Settlement Agreement are breached?

Download our Guide now and learn how you can minimise the risk and problems associated with the end of employment.

This guide is intended to provide a brief summary of settlement agreements; however each employee / employer has a unique set of circumstances.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of this guide or discuss practical advice tailored to your personal needs and circumstances please get in touch with our employment team.