The Importance of Having a Will

Importance of having a will

Do you have a Will?

Do you know the importance of having a Will?

If not, why not? Do the reasons include not knowing what a Will does, the possible cost, that you don’t have time, that you don’t think you need one, that you think you’re too young?

Let’s address these possible concerns:

Don’t know what a Will actually does

A Will is a document which takes effect on your death , identifies who is to have responsibility for administering your estate  (the executor ) and ensures that what you want to happen to your assets after your death, as set out in the Will, happens the way you want it to (subject to legal rights of spouses and children which your chosen solicitor can explain). A Will ensures that the people you would like to benefit from your assets do so. This also relieves family members or friends from the responsibility (and your estate of the expense) of having to appoint an executor. A Will can also be of great assistance in preventing family disputes, which are far more likely to arise if no Will is in place.


Given the importance of a Will, a straightforward Will is relatively small cost for an individual and should cost less than £200. Given the peace of mind and the protection which a Will provides for you and your chosen family members and others, a Will is one of the best investments which you can make.

Too busy

An hour or so is all you need. Instructions could be obtained by telephone, by e-mail, by way of a questionnaire or at a face-to-face meeting. Your solicitor will need to meet you either at the point of taking instructions or at the signing appointment, when the Will has been finalised.

You don’t need one/You’re too young

A Will is like life insurance, acting as a safeguard for people of any age and regardless of their health.

A Will ensures that your wishes are complied with and that everything has been organised as far as possible prior to your death. Wills are important documents for everyone but particularly important for  unmarried people, those who have any interest in a property, parents of young children, those with  step-children and people who have re-married/divorced. A Will is also vital if charities or non-family members are to benefit from your estate.

Wills are powerful important documents which should be reviewed regularly and kept up to date. Everyone should have one!

Please contact us to discuss your circumstances or arrange a review of your existing Will.

Importance of having a will

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