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Fair Work Charter for Severe Weather

November 26, 2018 | Marianne |

severe weather work Scotland

The Scottish Government and the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) have jointly created A Fair Work Charter for Severe Weather, setting out guidelines for both employers and workers for managing the effects of severe weather on work. The Charter was developed as a response to the severe weather brought in by the “Beast from the … Read More >>

Mental Health in the Workplace

November 13, 2018 | Marianne |

Mental Health in the workplace Scotland

Last week was National Stress Awareness Day, and is a good way to remind employers they should be ensuring the welfare of their employees, in particular their stress levels and overall mental health. Employers have a legal and moral obligation to ensure they aren’t discriminating against staff, specifically because of their mental health. Reasonable adjustments, … Read More >>

Autumn 2018 Budget – key employment announcements

November 2, 2018 | Kirsty |

Autumn 2018 budget

On 29 October 2018, the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, delivered the Autumn 2018 Budget. The Budget included the following measures of interest to employment practitioners: Following the recommendations of the Low Pay Commission, the government will increase the national minimum wage from April 2019 to the following rates: Apprentices: £3.90 an hour; 16-17 year olds: £4.35 … Read More >>

Acas Early Conciliation – Increase From Previous Year

October 23, 2018 | John Norrie |

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) has published statistics on its early conciliation (EC) service for the period April to June 2018. The statistics show that the total number of EC notifications had increased by 53% as compared to the equivalent quarter of 2017. The figures also show an increase in the proportion of EC … Read More >>

Acas Publishes New Advice on Job References

September 18, 2018 | John Norrie |

job references

Acas, also known as The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, has produced new guidance on job references. Aimed at both employers and employees, it is based around the most frequently asked questions put to the Acas helpline. It explains what references are and provides information on what they should include, when they are required and … Read More >>

Only 6% of UK working traditional 9am-5pm hours

September 14, 2018 | John Norrie |

Flexible working

Working nine-to-five is no longer the working norm according to a YouGov survey. The survey reveals that a mere 6% work the traditional 9am-5pm workplace hours. Interestingly, only 14% of those polled would opt for these hours if given the choice. A significant proportion (66%) said they would prefer to start earlier and finish earlier, … Read More >>

Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

August 17, 2018 | Marianne |

returning to work after maternity leave

It is quite a thought returning to work after a period of maternity leave and here we look at the things an employee will want to think about before going back to work. You must take at least 2 weeks off after your baby is born (compulsory maternity leave), which is increased to 4 weeks … Read More >>

Sickness Absence at Lowest Rate on Record

August 17, 2018 | John Norrie |

Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics establish a significant fall in the number of sick days employees are taking off work. The figures reveal that employees took off an average of only 4.1 days in 2017, compared to 7.1 back in 1993 (the year records began). The available data shows that the sickness … Read More >>

More than £390,000 of Employment Tribunal Awards Unpaid Due to Insolvency

August 16, 2018 | John Norrie |

employment tribunal awards

Figures obtained from a freedom of information request to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) reveal that over £390,000 of employment tribunal awards remained unpaid in 2017 due to insolvency of the employer. The real amount may be significantly higher as BEIS is only aware of unpaid awards when it is notified … Read More >>

Philosophical Beliefs – what are these and how are employees protected?

August 13, 2018 | Marianne |

belief discrimination

There have been a few recent employment tribunal decisions which have considered the position of philosophical beliefs, and what beliefs are protected. The Equality Act 2010 protects the rights of employees to practise their religion without fear of discrimination. However, certain employees hold philosophical rather than religious beliefs and these may be protected by law. … Read More >>