What is a Scottish Charitable Trust?

December 3, 2013 | Mark |

Scottish Charitable Trust

A Trust is an unincorporated entity set up to hold property to be used solely for charitable purposes. So what is a Scottish charitable trust? The main characteristics of a Scottish charitable trust are as follows:- 1.         It is simple to set up. 2.         The Trust Deed (which is the governing document of the Trust) … Read More >>

The Scottish Housing Bill – what will this mean for RSLs?

November 29, 2013 | Jim |

Scottish Housing Bill

On 21 November 2013, a new Scottish Housing Bill was introduced in the Scottish Parliament – what will this mean for RSLs? It is a lengthy document extending to 86 sections. It is expected that this Bill will become law at some point in 2014. If passed, the Bill will create significant changes in four … Read More >>

How to avoid employment law issues at Christmas parties

November 29, 2013 | Marianne |

employment law issues at Christmas parties

With the countdown to Christmas already started, it might be an idea to look at how to avoid the potential employment law issues at Christmas parties.  Without wanting to be viewed as the “Scrooge” of the party season, we think that it is helpful to set out some useful tips before entering into the party … Read More >>

The Scottish Housing Bill and Letting Agent Regulation

November 22, 2013 | TC Young |

The Scottish Government has issued the draft Housing Bill. The Bill covers a wide range of issues but one of the most significant is the plan for letting agent regulation in Scotland. The Bill proposes a register of letting agents. Agents will be required to apply to be entered into the register and will only … Read More >>

Divorce, Financial Settlements & Bankruptcy

November 20, 2013 | Vicky |

Divorce, Financial Settlements & Bankruptcy

The economic downturn has had a dramatic impact on financial settlements on divorce and has even affected those once considered financially stable. The law in Scotland relating to financial settlements on divorce can be found in the Family Law (Scotland) Act 1985. But when looking at the effect of bankruptcy (or sequestration) on separating spouses, it … Read More >>

Using Management Control Orders

November 14, 2013 | TC Young |

Management Control Orders

In what is thought to be the first of its kind in Scotland, the City of Edinburgh Council has seized control of two “party flats” from a private landlord after applying for Management Control Orders (MCO). What are the implications for landlords?  This Order was brought in under the Antisocial Behaviour Etc (Scotland) Act 2004, … Read More >>

Introduction of another Scottish Housing Bill

November 13, 2013 | Jim |

After much debate and a lot of discussion it would appear that we are now very close to the introduction of another Housing Bill in the Scottish Parliament. This Bill is expected to propose a number of changes to the rules which govern tenancies in the public sector in Scotland. We expect the proposals in … Read More >>

Land Registration in Scotland – Changes to the System

November 8, 2013 | Douglas |

Land registration in Scotland

The last time the system of land registration in Scotland was fundamentally changed was in 1979. After 1979 title to land would be based on areas plotted on the Ordnance Survey map in the form of a Land Certificate. The Certificate would be issued by the Land Register following completion of a sale transaction and … Read More >>

Can students sue parents for financial support in Scotland?

November 6, 2013 | Lynne |

sue parents for financial support

As university fees increase and part-time jobs become increasingly scarce, students are relying on their parents more than ever to fund their academic studies. But what legal options are available to students who feel they are not receiving the necessary financial support from a parent? Can students sue parents for financial support in Scotland? Parents … Read More >>

Employers obligations to employees in winter

November 4, 2013 | Marianne |

Employers obligations to employees

Baby it’s cold outside! Extreme weather conditions such as those experienced a few years ago, can wreak havoc across the country meaning some workplaces come to a standstill and this can have an adverse effect on both employers and employees.  As we creep into winter here are some things to think about. It is important … Read More >>