TC Young & SFHA Online Training

Capacity Issues and Tenancies

With Scotland’s increasing ageing population, the challenges presented by housing vulnerable adults, and in particular adults with capacity issues, are ever increasing. 

This session, in partnership with SFHA,  aims to address the main issues faced by housing staff in relation to the signing of a tenancy agreement with a vulnerable adult, issues posed during the course of the lease itself, and who can actually bring that lease to an end legally, and how.

We will explore issues surrounding the concept of capacity itself and the legal constraints associated with entering into leases with someone who lacks capacity and we will also look at the issues posed where a tenant loses capacity during the course of an agreement, and the safeguards in place regarding who can act on behalf of vulnerable adults to ensure their housing needs and interests are being met, including the operation of Powers of Attorney and Guardianship orders.

When:  Mon, 29 Mar from10:30 to 11:30 (BST)

Cost:  From £49

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