Divorce Settlements - a fair share?

Divorce and Money – can you have both or are they mutually exclusive?

The Family Law (Scotland) Act 1985 sets out the legal position in Scotland and provides a framework for determining how a couple’s property is to be divided on separation or divorce.

Before looking at how the assets of a separating couple are divided, it is important to determine what assets form “matrimonial property”.

What type of “property” is included?

What is the “relevant date” and why it is important? 

What if property is acquired by way of gift or succession from a third party?

What about a pension or life policy owned by one party prior to, and during the marriage?

Division of matrimonial property

What is the “net matrimonial property”?

What are “special circumstances”?

“What if my spouse has committed adultery, am I entitled to a greater share of the matrimonial property as a result?”

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