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Cases of sexual harassment, racial discrimination and other forms of discriminatory behaviour remain ommon in many workplaces across the country. Following the #metoo movement around the world two things are clear: this issue is not going away any time soon and employers are going to become more exposed due to the actions of their employees and their inaction if they do not address matters.

We have created online training, in partnership with Gravitate HR, to provide an understanding of equality and diversity legislation and how this works in practice.

The legal basis of this topic comes from the Equality Act 2010, which sets out the protected characteristics that individuals may have - for example age, race or sexual orientation. Equality and fairness in the workplace is a vital part of a successful business and our 60 minute online training will highlight best practice and what to do if you get the process wrong.

We believe that having an open culture, free from any form of discrimination is good for business, employee engagement, and also allows organisations to comply with legislative requirements.

Our training programme can be completed at a time and place to suit the user - including testing and reporting features which lets employers know when the programme has been completed.

The cost of the programme is based on the number of users that sign up to the training and can be anyone in an organisation: employees, contractors, senior management or board members.

To find out more about the programme watch the clips below, or email Marianne McJannett ( for further information.