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Landlord Legal Advice – How to Evict a Tenant

How to Evict a Tenant

If you are a landlord, do you know how to evict a tenant?  It is not enough to simply serve eviction notices on a tenant in order to repossess a property. Before a landlord can recover possession (evict a tenant), they must obtain a court order to eject the tenant.  Our free legal guide looks at the steps which must be followed when raising an action on your behalf together with an estimate of the costs involved.

Our guide covers:

  • Stage One – the application to court
  • Stage Two – service on the tenant (serving a court summons on the tenant)
  • Stage Three – the hearing at court
  • Costs for stage one to three
  • Stage Four – the eviction
  • Estimated costs for stage four including Sheriff Officers fees

Lawyers from our LetLaw team represent landlords and letting agents in court on a daily basis throughout Scotland and are recognised as experts in their field.  We are here to make this process as pain free as possible for landlords and letting agents and can help every step of the way.

We recognise that no eviction or home repossession is straightforward and prior to taking action we will discuss costs and prospects of success to ensure that you are fully informed.

Written by our housing experts in our Glasgow and Edinburgh offices, you can access the free legal guide on completion of the contact form opposite – it is intended to help you understand exactly how to evict a tenant in Scotland and hopefully ensure the process is as simple and successful as possible.

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