Legal Advice for Factoring

Are you aware of the introduction of the Property Factors legislation and registration scheme in terms of the Property (Factors) Scotland Act 2011? Are you looking for legal advice for factoring properties?

Our team of solicitors have extensive experience in property management and factoring. We regularly host seminars and provide bespoke training sessions for housing associations and private factoring companies of all sizes.

Our free guide provides basic guidance, using a question and answer format, regarding factoring legislation including:

  • Did the Property Factors (Scotland) Act make radical changes?
  • Have you been properly appointed as a factor?
  • How do you know if an appointment is valid?
  • Do you need to ask proprietors to sign something to become a factor?
  • What will be included in the new Code of Conduct?
  • What criteria must you meet to be registered as a property factor?
  • What can you charge for as a factor?

Don’t be caught out by the legislation! Download the Factoring guide now!

If you still have queries after you’ve read the guide don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our factoring team.