Legal Advice on how to get a Divorce in Scotland

How much do you really know about how you would go about getting a divorce in Scotland? Whether your divorce is amicable, or otherwise, knowing how the process works and how to get the most out of legal advice will help you along the way.

This free guide will assist you to understand the divorce process in Scotland by explaining:

  • What the grounds for divorce are; adultery, unreasonable behaviour and separation
  • How to get divorced
  • How to raise divorce action through the court
  • How much a divorce will cost
  • How to get the final order

If you are seeking advice in relation to your separation or divorce, regardless of how amicable your separation may be, start by downloading our free legal guide now (written by our experienced divorce lawyers) and understand how to get a divorce in Scotland.

Whichever route you choose, the process may bring unexpected difficulties and you are best to take legal advice as early as possible to ensure that you are fully aware of your rights, there are few occasions where advice from a solicitor would not be of benefit.

Each individual is unique and generic advice often isn’t the best solution when seeking the right advice in relation to your separation or divorce.

If you feel you still have questions after reading the divorce advice in this free guide, please contact us.