Contracts and Procurement

We have considerable experience in contracts and procurement legal advice, ensuring that organisations stay within the procurement principles of transparency, non-discrimination and equal treatment.

Contract Frameworks

We advise on the framing of construction contracts and have experience in dealing with a variety of standard form building contracts and drafting contract amendments. We are able to advise clients on collateral warranties, novation agreements, performance bonds, parent guarantees and other ancillary legal documentation in support of any building contract.

Contract Disputes

Our team also advise clients in relation to construction contract disputes, including insolvency of the contractor (which is becoming more prevalent in the current economic climate). We have represented clients at both adjudications and in court actions arising from construction disputes.

We have a genuinely down to earth approach to construction and procurement legal advice, ensuring that we easily balance our clients’ business needs with the requirements of the procurement regulations.

Framing of tender documentation

Our team provide advice on the framing of tender documentation for both above and below threshold contracts. We also ensure the procurement process followed is in accordance with the procurement regulations.

Interpretation of procurement regulations for RSLs

We have particular experience in the interpretation of the procurement regulations as they relate to the specific contract requirements, including construction contracts, within the Registered Social Landlord (RSL) sector. This includes circumstances where RSLs are procuring services from, or providing services to, other public bodies or through joint ventures.