Factoring and Property Management

Our experienced team provides essential factoring and property management legal advice.

Factoring and property management legal services

Our services range from:

  • Setting up a factoring service
  • Preparing a Deed of Conditions
  • Preparing robust factoring agreements
  • Term and conditions governing the relationship with your customers
  • Advice in relation to recovery of unpaid factoring debts

Property Factors (Scotland) Act

We have detailed knowledge of the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011 and understand the impact and implications of the Act on organisations who manage property. We can ensure your organisation is fully aware of the policies and procedures associated with the legislation, and the exact nature of the obligations that factors are required to undertake.

Debt Recovery

We provide training and advice on what steps your organisation can take to recover small factoring debts and our litigation team can be utlilised for larger debts.


We regularly host seminars and bespoke training sessions on factoring “dos and don’ts” for both registered social landlords and private factoring companies of all sizes.