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Arranging Contact Post Separation

Arranging Contact Post Separation

Arranging contact post-separation is important for children, to ensure they have an opportunity to see both parents. It can be difficult for parents to set aside their own feelings and make contact arrangements in the best interests of their children. Unfortunately, many parents are unable, or unwilling, to have direct contact with their former partner. These parents often consult lawyers for help. Family lawyers often use the excellent service provided by contact centres to resolve such difficulties.

What is a contact centre?

Contact centres are safe, impartial and friendly places in which children can spend time with their parents or other family members. Centres provide a range of contact options for children of all ages.


The centre is used as a collection point. This can be used to monitor any problems for the children and parents at handovers or to ensure the parents do not come in to direct contact. This can be an invaluable service where there has been a volatile relationship between parents.

Supported contact

Contact that operates within the centre but which is not monitored intensively.

Observed contact

Monitored contact where there are particular concerns about the parent or the child.

Supervised contact

Contact that is closely monitored by an experienced staff member or qualified professional. The centres can often provide a report to the court following supervised contact.

Each centre operates differently but most have informative websites to allow you to learn more about your local centre.

Promoting Positive Contact (Glasgow)

Relationships Scotland (nationwide)

Why do I have to use the contact centre?

There is often a misconception that contact centres are only used where there have been allegations of domestic, alcohol or drug abuse. This could not be further from the truth. The majority of people using contact centres are using them as a result of not having seen their child for some time. The courts in Scotland often see contact in an appropriate centre as a good 'stepping stone' to contact outwith the centre. If you are interested in arranging contact post separation, get in touch with our experienced family law team based in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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