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Ban on Evictions in Scotland

Ban on Evictions in Scotland

The Scottish Government announced that between 11 December 2020 and 22 January 2021, there is to be a full ban on evictions being carried out in Scotland. The ban will last for a period of six weeks and will apply to all evictions (except in cases of anti-social behaviour relating to Ground 2, Ground 7 or Ground 8 detailed in the Schedule 2 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001).

What does this mean?
No evictions on other grounds can proceed during the six-week period.
However, where Decree for eviction based on rent arrears has been granted, the 6 week ban will not count when you come to calculate the 6 month period for enforcing the eviction Decree.
Is this law?
Yes, Regulations have been passed to legally prevent any eviction notices during this six- week period, unless covered by the state exceptional circumstances.
How long is this in place?
For the time being we are advised that the Regulations will be in place for a period of six weeks, ending 22 January 2021.  

Charge for Payment
If your Decree includes a claim for payment you can proceed to serve a Charge for Payment as normal. A Charge for Payment gives the tenant 14 days to make payment or contact you to set up an agreed repayment arrangement.  

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Written by : Catherine McQuarrie