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Divorce in Scotland - a 2012 statistical round up

Divorce in Scotland - a 2012 statistical round up

According to Scottish Government divorce statistics in 2012, a total of 13,679 family cases were initiated in the civil courts during 2011/12, a decrease of 6% on 2010/11. Divorce actions accounted for 78% of the total figure, with actions concerning parental rights and responsibilities accounting for 17%.

A total number of divorces granted during 2011/12 was 9,453, a decrease of 2% compared to the previous year.

What was the most common procedure?

Of those 9,453 divorces granted, 62% used the Simplified Procedure ("quickie divorce") and 38% used the Ordinary Procedure. The Simplified Procedure is only available to parties who have no children under 16 years of age and who have no outstanding financial matters to resolve at the time of seeking divorce.

What was the most common ground of divorce?

The two most common reasons for divorce were non co-habitation for a period of 2 years, which accounted for 68% of all divorces in 2011/12 (up from 61% in 2010/11) and non co-habitation for one year with consent which was the reason cited for 25% of divorces in 2011/12 (down from 27% in 2010/11). This leaves the remaining grounds of adultery and unreasonable behaviour accounting for only 7% of all divorces in 2011/12.

Experts believe the decline in the divorce rate is partly because couples can no longer afford to separate given the current economic climate. But staying together purely for financial reasons can put further strain on a relationship already on the brink.

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Written by : Vicky Lewis

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