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Employers obligations to employees in winter

Baby it?s cold outside! Extreme weather conditions such as those experienced a few years ago, can wreak havoc across the country meaning some workplaces come to a standstill and this can have an adverse effect on both employers and employees.? As we creep into winter here are some things to think about.

It is important as an employer that, during any period of adverse weather, you are in control and have an understanding of what you need for your business to continue as normal. It might be an idea to have an adverse weather policy in place prior to winter to ensure that all employees understand the position of the company and what is required of them.

In bad weather, employers could potentially give employees the option to work from home. If employees are unable to travel to work because of bad weather this might be a viable option.? Managers and employees should also plan ahead and consider taking work home if disruption is forecast.

Bad weather conditions can lead to disruptions not only in the work place but also in schools and nursery.? This might result in employees having to deal with arranging child care following schools being closed, or taking time off.

Employers might also want to consider viewing the new Ready Scotland Website ( which has been set up by the Scottish Government to help us manage the winter months at home and at work.? This website provides examples of how employers and employees can prepare for winter effectively.

Although the clocks have only just gone back it is important that people start thinking of these things if they have not already done so to allow for us to transition through the coming months.

Please contact a member of the employment team if you would like?information or advice.

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