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Fire and Smoke Alarms – New Rules from February 2022

Fire and Smoke Alarms – New Rules from February 2022

Following the Grenfell disaster in 2017, the Scottish Government has introduced new rules for fire and smoke alarms in homes across Scotland. Originally intended to be introduced in February 2021, these rules are to come into force in February 2022 and will apply to every home in Scotland.

The rules

From February 2022, every home in Scotland must have:

  • A smoke alarm in the living room or most commonly used room
  • A smoke alarm in circulation spaces such as hallways or landings
  • A heat alarm in every kitchen

All alarms need to be mounted on the ceiling and interlinked. They can either be sealed battery alarms or mains wired alarms.

You will also require a carbon monoxide alarm where there are fixed combustion appliances such as boilers and wood burners

These rules already apply to private rented properties and new-builds, but from February 2022 will be extended to all homes in Scotland. The Housing (Scotland) Act 1987 will be amended to reflect the new rules.

How does this affect me?

It will be the responsibility of the homeowner or the landlord to ensure the property complies with the requirements. If you already have smoke alarms in your property but they are not interlinked, you will need to change them. Compliance with these rules will form part of the Home Report when a house is put on the market.  Compliance is also likely to be a requirement for Home or Building Insurance, which could then have a knock on affect for your Standard Security. If you have any concerns with this, the Scottish Government advises that you should contact your insurance provider.


The Scottish Government has estimated that it will cost £220 to bring an average three-bedroom home to the required standard. Financial support may be available to older and disabled home owners, as well as those assessed to be at high risk from fire.

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Written by : Mark Oswald