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How to find a divorce lawyer

How to find a divorce lawyer

When your marriage ends, do you know how to find a divorce lawyer you trust, to advise and represent you during the divorce process? Online search engines or recommendations from friends are an increasingly popular way to find a divorce solicitor.

To maximise this method however you should carefully consider the following before finding a divorce lawyer who's right for you.

  1. Experience

Are there particular areas of your divorce/separation that will benefit from particular expertise? E.g. do you need a lawyer with extensive child law experience?? Do you want someone who deals exclusively with family law or are you happy with a generalist lawyer?? Is it important that if the lawyer is away from the office you can speak to someone else who familiar with your case.

  1. Collaborative Family Law

You may want to consider choosing a solicitor who practices collaborative law. Collaborative family law is an alternative to the traditional divorce process aimed at resolving issues without going to court. Our family lawyers are committed to providing this option to clients who wish to resolve matters on more amicable terms.

  1. Court

If it does become necessary to go to court you will want to ensure that you are represented by a divorce lawyer who can clearly and confidently state your position to the court. Our family team regularly handle divorce actions in the Scottish courts and have extensive experience with complex financial issues such as pension rights, shares and taxation.

  1. Location

It is important to be able to visit your solicitor's office to discuss your case. Choose a solicitor in your local area or one that is easy to travel to by public transport.

  1. Cost

Do you know what the cost is likely to be? Our family team will explain this at the outset and you may be eligible for legal aid.

The experienced divorce solicitors our family law team will be able to help you throughout the divorce process. We have offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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