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Why I would recommend a Modern Apprenticeship

Trying to decide which career path to go down towards the end of my time at school was a difficult and somewhat daunting process, as is the case for a lot of school leavers. The decision lies between further education, such as college and university, or to go straight into the big bad world and get a job. I know first-hand how hard a choice this can be. I found the idea of further education very appealing however I wanted to be earning money. I was unsure what to do until I found out about Modern Apprenticeships. A Modern Apprenticeship was perfect for me as it allowed me to enter a paid full time job all the while working towards earning a new qualification. This is just one of the many reasons why I would recommend a Modern Apprenticeship, other reasons include;

  • The ideal opportunity to get your career off to a good start in an industry that you would like to work in.
  • Being taught a variety of new skills.
  • Introductions to new, interesting people that you may not have had the chance to meet should you opt for something different.
  • Enabling you to work alongside seasoned professionals who have already established themselves within the industry and are able to help you gain invaluable experience.

Those are just some of the reasons why I would encourage people who are leaving school and considering their options to go for the Modern Apprenticeship.

The experience gained in the workplace will also come in handy when it comes to the time that you want to move on as you will already feel comfortable in a work environment. Furthermore, the opportunity of working alongside professionals is something that I found highly beneficial and value greatly. It has given me a better understanding of my role as I am learning from someone who already has a great deal of experience in the position. I found that this eased the jump from school into work.

TC Young regularly recruit Modern Apprentices in both their Edinburgh and Glasgow offices.? If you?d like to be considered for one of our vacancies, send your CV and a covering email to

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