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Landlords: how to prepare for court appearances

Landlords: how to prepare for court appearances

Unfortunately it's not like it appears on TV  the reality of the court system in Scotland is very different and here we give landlords 5 tips on how to prepare for court appearances.

Sometimes it feels as if I've spent most of my life in court, but for landlords raising their own eviction or payment actions against tenants, the court can often be a scary place. Here are some handy tips to hopefully help calm any nerves.

1.Your Clothes
Sadly, some courts will judge a book by its cover. You should dress accordingly. A smart suit would be nice and should gain some essential brownie points with the Sheriff hearing your case.

2.Seating Arrangements
In most civil actions, you can go into the courtroom and sit at the back of the court. You may see a table towards the front where the lawyers sit. Sitting at the table makes lawyers feel big and important but in reality if you have a question, one of them should be nice enough to answer it for you

3.Timing is Everything
The court papers will tell you to be at court for a specific time, ranging from 10am to 2pm depending on the court. Will your case call at this time? Nine times out of ten it doesn't, so be prepared for that happening. Along with your case there will more than likely be lots of other cases that need to be heard so don't be surprised if you find yourself still waiting, hours after your allotted time.

4.?It's Not Good to Talk
Don't take your mobile phone into court. Or if you do, check once, check twice and check again that it's switched off.

5.The Sheriff
Everyone in court must stand up when the Sheriff is brought into the room and only sit down once he has. When your case eventually calls, wait for the Sheriff to ask you to speak. You should address him as m'lord/m' lady or your lordship/ladyship. Be polite and under no circumstances try to pick a fight if you don?t agree with the decision, they have the authority to put you in the cells if they want to.

The court can seem a scary place if you've not been before but often there's absolutely nothing to be worried about.

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