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Modern Apprentice Opportunities

Modern Apprentice Opportunities

At TC Young, we offer modern apprentice opportunities in all of our offices. We have worked with school leavers for a number of years (before it was called a modern apprenticeship) and it is a recruitment method that we feel offers excellent training for school leavers. It is also a relationship that we continue to benefit from with individuals receiving training in different areas of the business.

A long time ago ?? we had a plan:

  1. To recruit a legal secretary; however we struggled to find someone with the skills we wanted

So we hatched a 2nd plan:

  1. To recruit someone without the experience but who was keen to develop their skills and we?d train them ourselves

And so, a winning combination was discovered.

Since then, we have employed a large number of school leavers; all of whom are given excellent on- the-job training.? They are supported throughout their employment and, as well as the obvious benefits the firm reaps, it is personally rewarding to see individuals blossom as they gain confidence and skills in their new working environment. This change is particularly apparent in their first 6 months

At the end of the year, we hope they will ultimately continue their personal development. For some, that will mean remaining with TC Young, for others it will mean heading to pastures new. For all however, we hope they will:

  • Have successfully completed their administration NVQ,
  • Be more confident, both with colleagues and dealing with clients,
  • Be competent touch typists (a useful skill in any office environment)
  • And for some they will also learn how to audio type (a skill no longer taught but an essential one for a busy law firm)

We are incredibly proud of the staff we retain beyond their initial contract and can boast that a number of our employees have only ever had one employer, including:

  • Secretaries
  • Receptionists
  • Paralegals
  • All members of the cashroom, including the cashroom manager
  • Administration assistants
  • Court administrators

If you?d like to be considered for one of the modern apprenticeship vacancies in the future, forward your CV and covering letter to the HR team, .

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