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Property Factors Act - the deadline is looming!!

Property Factors Act - the deadline is looming!!

For all of those Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) who provide property management services, the deadline of 1st October 2013 to provide your factored owners with a written statement of service is drawing near.

Many housing associations have been working throughout the summer months preparing their bespoke written statement for issue. However some RSLs are still in a quandary as to whether or not they do indeed provide factoring services, what services they provide and what the costs of that service should be.

We have carried out thousands of title checks on behalf of clients, working with them in putting together written statements. Since the formation of the Homeowner Housing Panel (HoHP) we have also been dealing with home owner complaints to ensure that they are not referred to the HoHP.

The decisions of the HoHP are available from their website:- With difficult decisions being made, many factors are keeping up to date on the results so far to ensure that they keep on the right side of the panel.

More than ever before RSL factoring services are under scrutiny and the dawn of the Property Factors Act can be seen as an opportunity to get it right. Why not contact our Property Team with any factoring queries faced by your association whether it is queries on day to day matters or in connection with the requirements of the Property Factors Act.

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