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Summer Placement at TC Young - a student's perspective

As a student, it?s a relief to have some kind of formal work placement organised for the summer holidays. Something more interesting than stacking shelves, a chance to apply some knowledge you have learned from University, as well as being good for the CV. But what about the content of my placement at TC Young? Would this be days filled with making coffees and photocopying?

Thankfully not. Over my short time here I have been able to work in different departments doing a variety of things, from drafting summons to doing genuine research for the solicitors at the firm. Rather than list everything I got up to, here is a small taster, primarily in their property department, but also in their family and trust sectors;

  • Drafting Summons for evictions
  • Compiling and sorting out evidence for eviction proceedings
  • Drafting letters
  • Shadowing Solicitors and Trainees in court proceedings
  • Sitting in on Client meetings discussing child custody and divorce matters
  • Summarising claims to trusts
  • Drafting variation of agreements

It was interesting to look over real case files and get a genuine insight in what being a solicitor in these sectors would entail. As well as getting involved in a lot of the routine work involved in cases, I was also given the chance to apply research skills and was given a few problems to look into, rather like law school problem questions only the problem and people involved are real, and the solution and remedies matter.

As for those I was working alongside, everyone in the office is made to feel very welcome from the start. It can be daunting being a student in an environment with solicitors with years of experience, but I was put at ease and felt comfortable approaching any member of staff with questions, from the trainee to the senior partners.

I have spent time with another firm specialising in the corporate and finance areas of law but TC Young showed me a different side which, personally, I found very enjoyable. Before I started I was a little unsure of what to expect, but I have left the firm with a positive view of their work and attitude towards it. The experience has definitely enhanced my understanding of what my future career may entail.


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Written by : Super User