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Antisocial Behaviour Orders can help RSLs

In Scotland, if a Registered Social Landlord (RSL) have problematic tenants who regularly behave in an antisocial manner, they can make an application to court for Antisocial Behaviour Orders (ASBO) to be granted against tenants for the protection of neighbouring residents.

An ASBO is an order granted by the court and will contain specific conditions to stop a person from behaving in a particular manner or from carrying out specific actions. For example an ASBO may prohibit a person playing loud music at certain times

Dealing with Antisocial Tenants in Scotland

One of the many differences between tenancy law in England and Scotland was highlighted online, namely the consequences of a landlord?s failure to address the behaviour of antisocial tenants. In England, the landlord has no specific legal obligations to deal with antisocial tenants however Scotland is an entirely different story.

The Antisocial Behaviour etc (Scotland) Act places a duty on a private landlord to take action to deal with antisocial tenants. Local authorities who receive complaints of antisocial behaviour in a tenanted property will normally

Evicting Tenants for Antisocial Behaviour

We asked our blog readers whether a conviction for supplying Class A drugs within a social rented house (antisocial behaviour) should be made a mandatory ground for evicting a tenant.? 97% of those who voted were in favour. Is evicting tenants for antisocial behaviour a good thing?

In 2011,?Grant Shapps, Housing Minister in the UK Government launched a consultation document; it asks whether a new mandatory power of eviction should be available not just for drugs offences but for all antisocial behaviour?

We would