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Rent arrears, tenant eviction & the bedroom tax

I can?t seem to get away from the bedroom tax. Having blogged about this topic for the last couple of months, I thought an update might be useful regarding rent arrears, tenant eviction and the bedroom tax.

The changes to housing benefit came into force on 1 April 2013. From that date Housing benefits claimants who are deemed to have a ?spare? bedroom will see their housing benefit payments reduced by either 14% or 5%.

Campaign groups have continued to mobilise their opposition to these

Rent Arrears Scotland: Early Intervention by Landlords

A regular question at our landlord training sessions relates to the idea of early intervention when a tenant accrues rent arrears in Scotland. ?Landlords should always contact the tenant in these situations to obtain an explanation for the non-payment of the rent. ??Early contact can often prevent the situation from escalating outwith the tenant?s control.

Many landlords worry they will be accused of harassment if they make attempts to contact the tenant. ??In one recent example, after the tenant had given notice to quit, the