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Legal Capacity, Guardianships & Power of Attorney Scotland

What do you know about legal capacity, Guardianships &?Power of Attorney? In Scotland, a person is deemed to have legal capacity to act and make decisions on their own behalf once they reach the age of 16. This means that parents no longer have any authority to make?decisions or deal with agencies on their son or daughter?s behalf once they turn 16.

Why is legal capacity important?

For most people, taking on responsibility for their own decisions and actions at age 16 is not an

Power of Attorney in Scotland: Top Questions

Power of Attorney in Scotland: Top Questions

At the start of a New Year, you may be turning your thoughts to putting your affairs in order. As part of this, you should consider granting a power of attorney in Scotland. Read on for our top 5 questions and answers on Powers of Attorney.

1. What is a Power of Attorney?

  • A written legal document giving someone else authority to act on your behalf
  • It ensures your financial affairs and personal welfare can be dealt with/protected if you are unable to act yourself,