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Training requirements for letting agents

Training requirements for letting agents

Within the last few weeks, Scottish Ministers have advised stakeholders of their proposals for the training requirements for letting agents to go with the Code of Practice.

The training requirements will apply to the most senior person in a letting agency business (unless they have no input into the letting agency's day-to-day running) and all persons directly concerned with managing and supervising of a business letting agency work.

There must also be at least one person per office (where relevant letting agency work is carried out) who has met the training requirements.

The required level is the Scottish Credit Qualification Framework (SCQF) Level 6 or above. Where the qualification was obtained more than 3 years ago, persons will be required to have undergone 20 hours (15 formal and 5 informal) of training over the previous 3 years.

Such training must be undertaken on the following matters:

  • legal obligations relating to letting agency work and the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords;
  • handling of tenants' and landlords' money;
  • arranging and managing a tenancy;
  • managing repairs and maintenance; and
  • customer communications, complaints handling and equality.

Although agreed in principle, it will be for any new administration after the forthcoming May election to confirm and to bring forward legislation to put the proposals into effect. It is expected that the register will begin accepting applications in early 2018 and relevant qualifications will be required prior to first registration.

For more information on the training requirements for letting agents or advice on the private rented sector, please get in touch with our LetLaw team.

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