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Eileen Barr

Eileen Barr has worked in our Commercial Department since she began her legal traineeship. Her knowledge of housing organisations and the diversity of Eileen’s experience means that she can assist on a variety of legal matters.

As part of her key role in our commercial team, Eileen assists clients with the negotiation of loan documentation with major lenders and advises on financial legal paperwork to re-finance loans with lenders – including providing reports to Committee on refinanced loan terms.

Eileen assists RSL clients in complying with Freedom of Information and the Environmental Information Regulations. She was commissioned by SFHA and GWSF to produce FOI template documents and guidance for their members. Eileen frequently provides FOI training to RSLs and speaks at sector events about FOI.

She offers advice to organisations regarding company incorporation, setting up subsidiaries, and other issues relating to corporate structures.

Eileen provides guidance to clients on compliance with a number of regulatory regimes including procurement and Registered Social Landlord governance.

She also undertakes the negotiation of terms of contractual documentation on behalf of clients including commercial leases and service contracts.