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Stephanie Wood

Stephanie Wood is an accredited paralegal in our Edinburgh property team. Stephanie is ideally placed to run volume conveyancing transactions accurately and efficiently.

Stephanie’s knowledge of the housing sector means she is ideally placed to assist in matters of conveyancing. She has gained significant experience in assisting an array of housing association and charity clients including:

  • The running of conveyancing transactions for shared ownership shared equity and outright sales for Registered Social Landlords (RSLs)
  • Advising RSL staff and agents acting for purchasers and sharing owners to cut through issues arising in such transactions and facilitate the smooth running of such matters
  • Locating titles by utilising the Registers Direct system
  • Tackling title issues and queries for factors. She regularly steers clients towards the best way to resolve title issues including the promotion of the use of the Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004, operating within deeds of conditions and the Title Conditions Act 2003
  • Dealing with boundary queries. She is often the first port of call for clients who wish to source and explain burdens
  • Assisting with asset reviews – Stephanie has recently been a key person assisting with an asset review of over 1500 properties.

Law Society Accredited Paralegal