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A Guide to Simple Procedure in Sheriff Courts

The Simple Procedure Rules (SPR) were introduced on 28th November 2016. Since that date, all actions for payment of money for sums of £5,000 or less have required to be raised via the Simple Procedure Rules (where repossession of a property is sought in a claim which includes a crave for payment of money, £5000 or less, the appropriate procedure remains the Summary Cause Procedure).

The SPR have been designed to allow the Sheriff to determine cases quickly and in a cost effective manner.  Simple Procedure (SP) is based on claimants supplying the Sheriff with all information required to determine the case from the outset of the claim.

This guide is intended to assist with some initial questions you may have regarding the procedures.

Please download the guide.  If you would like more information or advice, please don't hesitate to contact our team.