Scottish Wills

Making a Will is something everyone knows they should do. However lots of people never actually get round to doing it and as a result, die intestate (i.e. not having a Will). It is estimated that around 60% of people in Scotland do not have a Will.

No matter how small or large your estate is, having a Will in place is essential to ensure your wishes are met on your death.

Our guide outlines why making a Scottish Will is so important for everyone and the impact on your family of dying without a will/intestate. It outlines legal rights and why it is so critical for:

  • Cohabiting couples
  • Parents
  • Individuals with stepchildren

If you’re living in Scotland and would like additional information on the importance of making a Will, or updating a Will, download our free guide today, by completing the contact form opposite.

When an individual’s circumstances are not ‘routine’ or they wish specific actions to be carried out following their death, it is even more important to speak to a solicitor and obtain legal advice specific to your circumstances.

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