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Debt Recovery

We recognise that organisations and individuals face continual pressure to recover debts. Our firm provides essential tools for both businesses and individuals to guide them through a comprehensive range of debt recovery services.

Our client base is varied and we have acted for limited companies, factors, charities, individuals and landlords. Our experience throughout Scotland enables us to tailor our service for each client.

Debt recovery process

We have the expertise to guide you through the process of debt recovery and ensure you are:

  • fully informed
  • provided with the expert advice to identify the correct solution
  • given guidance regarding the cost-effectiveness and the practicalities of any debt recovery action
  • kept up to date to enable you to make the right decisions

Court actions

We appear in court on a daily basis and deal with all matters of debt recovery ranging from small claims to significant debt actions. Where court action is necessary to recover debts we will:

  • consult with you at every stage
  • have frank discussions with you regarding your prospects of success
  • recommend the appropriate procedures to follow in each case (starting with sending warning letters to debtors, right through to obtaining a court decree for payment).


We know that a decree from the court is just a piece of paper without the tools and the knowledge required to enforce it. Our team has established relationships with sheriff officers and liaise closely with them in deciding on the best methods in which to recover the debt.