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Our clients rely upon our market-leading knowledge in different areas of loans and finance such as capital markets, charities, commercial property, corporate finance, private equity, projects and social housing.


Our advice covers the complete range of funding documentation: senior credit agreement, junior debt or equity, stand-alone interest rate derivatives, account charge agreements, security trusts and bank guarantees/letters of credit.


In the course of the last 12 months, we have negotiated finance facilities totalling over £200 million which has included development funding, revolving credit facilities, terms loans, security trust documents and stand-alone derivative documents.

We have extensive experience in optimising finance and an enviable reputation for delivering results on time and in budget.

Social housing finance

We are renowned for our excellent niche strength in social housing finance with extensive experience in negotiating loan agreements for large loans and the refinancing of loans for numerous housing associations and other borrowers in the area of social activities.

Property & title work

A key part of the work involving loans and refinancing is the ability to successfully integrate the often intensive related property and title work required.