Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information provides a right of access to information held by Scottish Public Authorities. This means that Public Authorities must: provide information where requested, assist people in accessing the information and publish certain information that they hold.

Freedom of Information was extended to apply to Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) from November 2019. We have assisted a number of RSLs in meeting their FOI duties and were commissioned by the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations and Glasgow West of Scotland Forum to provide guidance, templates and training for their members.

In respect of Freedom of Information and the Environmental Information Regulations, we can provide advice and assistance on:

  1.  Who and what is covered under the legislation
  2.  The S.60 Code of Practice
  3.  Identifying valid Freedom of Information and Environmental Information requests
  4.  Responding to FOI Requests
  5.  Understanding what information can be disclosed
  6.  Your duty to advise and assist people with accessing information
  7.  Being prepared for reviews
  8.  Publishing information
  9.  Training for staff, senior management and Boards/Committees

If you have any queries on Freedom of Information, don’t hesitate to contact one of our team.