Family Law - Divorce, Separation & Child Custody

Our family lawyers are approachable and can be relied on to listen and provide sound, sensible advice on family law matters, including divorce, separation and child custody.

Divorce and Separation

We deal with many divorces and separations each year. We will guide you through every step of the process and to explore all the options to resolve matters. We offer fixed fees for divorce matters (please see below).

Residence (formerly custody) and Contact (formerly access) disputes

All of our team have been dealing with cases of this nature for many years and are experienced in conducting these. You and your children will be the focus of our advice.


If you wish to move to another part of Scotland, the UK or abroad with your children and their other parent is opposed to that move, we can offer specialist advice about this. We have successfully conducted many of these cases.

Separation Agreements

This is a contract between separating couples. We provide an expert service on these agreements.

Pre-nuptial agreements and Co-habitation agreements

This is a growing area as people decide to enter into an agreement to protect themselves in the event of their future separation. It is sometimes an uncomfortable discussion to have with your partner so we can offer personal legal advice.

Other family law issues

As Accredited Specialists in Family Law we can help with other areas such as Hague Convention matters involving international child abduction, child support issues, children’s referrals, adoptions and permanency, and appeals to a higher court.

Mediation and Collaboration

We can deal with your case on a collaborative basis and offer other methods of dispute resolution such as mediation.

We do offer some limited legal aid services on a case by case basis.

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Fixed Fees

For straightforward undefended divorces, we have a fixed fee rate.

Our fixed fee rate for an ordinary divorce action is very competitive at £800 plus VAT*. For a simplified divorce, the fee is £200 plus VAT*.

The key difference between an ordinary divorce and a simplified divorce is that there are children under 16 years of age involved in an ordinary divorce, which automatically demands a more complex legal procedure from the court. A simplified divorce is where there are no children under 16.

We also take into consideration that circumstances can and do change, and each case comes with its own set of circumstances. With that in mind, if your case started as a straightforward divorce but then complications arise, we would talk to you about additional fees on top of the fixed fee rate. At your initial meeting, we would be in a position to advise you of what work would need to be undertaken and offer flexible terms for anything over and above the fixed fee work.

We would advise you to have a Minute of Agreement (or separation agreement) drawn up. We can also assist with these which, if necessary, set out the agreement you have reached about all assets, property and arrangements for your children before we look at starting divorce proceedings.

In order to benefit from our fixed fee rate the following must apply:

  • You are applying for divorce based on the grounds of one year’s separation with consent or two years separation without consent;
  • All financial matters have been sorted out and agreed, and if necessary contained in the Minute of Agreement;
  • There are no other court proceedings underway.

*Please note that any outlays (such as those fees charged by the Scottish Courts) are outwith our fixed fees and will be invoiced in addition to the fixed fees.