Acas Early Conciliation – Increase From Previous Year

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) has published statistics on its early conciliation (EC) service for the period April to June 2018. The statistics show that the total number of EC notifications had increased by 53% as compared to the equivalent quarter of 2017. The figures also show an increase in the proportion of EC cases which thereafter proceeded to a full employment tribunal claim: 23% of EC cases went forward compared to only 17% in the same quarter for 2017.

Acas early conciliation is the first step claimants must take before raising a full employment tribunal claim. Acas does not charge for the process, and its primary aim is to afford parties to a dispute (or potential claim) an opportunity to properly explore resolution before a full litigation ensues.

If you are considering Acas’ early conciliation or considering raising an employment tribunal claim, or if you are an employer who has received such a notification, please feel free to contact our employment law team.

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