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How do I get divorced in Scotland?

How do I get divorced in Scotland?

We are often asked the question - how do I get divorced in Scotland? In order to obtain a divorce you must raise an action in a Court which has jurisdiction. Jurisdiction normally means that you raise the action in the Court nearest to you. Before contemplating where to raise an action you must determine whether you can raise a divorce action or not. In order to raise a divorce action, you must have the legal ground to do so. In Scotland there is one

Divorce Advice for Women. Is it different?

Is there a difference in offering divorce advice for women? There are a number of publications offering advice for men going through divorce, and just as many tailored specifically for women.? But in Scotland does the client?s gender really affect the advice tendered by a lawyer?

Divorce can be difficult and emotional and without good legal advice, mistakes can be made that are not easily rectified.? Typically solicitors provide divorce advice for men and women, following a marital breakdown on two main issues;