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New Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detection Loan Scheme for RSLs

New Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detection Loan Scheme for RSLs

From 1 February 2021 Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) will need to ensure that the fire and carbon monoxide detection systems in their residential properties meet the new 'tolerable standard'. The Scottish Government has introduced a loan scheme in order to assist RSLs implement the changes that may be required. For a further explanation of the new 'tolerable standard' please see our previous blog post.

The loan scheme is called: The Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detection Loan Scheme. Through this scheme, RSLs will be able to apply for a loan to cover the cost of buying and installing smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms in order to ensure homes adhere to the tolerable standard come February 2021. The loans provided to RSLs will be interest free and repayable across 5 years from the point of borrowing.

In order to be eligible for the scheme, applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. The applicant must be an RSL and must be a legally constituted entity with a registered address in Scotland.
  2. The homes in which the alarms are to be installed must be: owned by the RSL: social housing properties, already existing (i.e. not under construction) and located in Scotland.
  3. The RSL must be able to provide (where required) the Scottish Government with: information on and access to the properties in question in order to demonstrate that works have been carried out and that the tolerable standard is now met.
  4. The alarms purchased using the loan must be new.

If an RSL wishes to apply for the scheme, applications can be submitted until 30 November 2019. However, this date is subject to change with applications being reviewed on a first-come, first served basis.

For details on how to apply for the scheme please visit the Scottish Government page.

RSLs that are considering applying to the scheme should ensure that:

  • They read all of the guidance provided by Scottish Government and are confident that they can meet the criteria
  • Incurring further borrowing does not breach the terms of any Facility Agreements or their borrowing limit

If you require any further advice in relation to applying for the Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detection Loan Scheme or the increased tolerable standard please contact our housing team.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detection Loan Scheme

Written by : Ainsley Mckinley

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