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Landlord legal advice: beware the internet!

If you are a Scottish landlord then you should beware of landlord legal advice on the internet. ?The internet can be a confusing place for landlords ? with many unaware of the differences between the Scottish and English legal system. So should you believe internet landlord legal advice?

Scottish landlords can be easily misled by websites targeting English landlords referring to English procedures, which can leave the landlord vulnerable, particularly in the area of eviction. Some of the key differences are set out below.


Helping Landlords Get the Notice to Quit Date Right

As a private landlord, you really need to be on the ball to avoid the pitfalls of Scottish tenancy law. One of the biggest danger areas involves the perils of picking the wrong date. This can occur in a number of circumstances. So how do you get the notice to quit date right?

The Short Assured Tenancy Agreement Scotland

  • The law says that a short assured tenancy agreement must be for a minimum of six months. e.g. 8 December 2010 to 8 June 2011.
  • Always