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Advertising Properties for Rent in Scotland

There are changes to advertising properties for rent in Scotland. The introduction of two important statutory changes will directly impact how landlords and letting agents advertise their properties. Non-compliance with the new advertising rules can result in financial penalties of up to ?500. Landlords and letting agents in the private rented sector in Scotland should take steps to ensure that they are not caught out by these legislative changes.

Displaying Energy Performance Indicator

From the 9th of January 2013, where a property is being

Can I recover unpaid rent from companies?

What do you do about unpaid rent when dealing with limited companies who won't pay? It is common for landlords and letting agents to let residential properties to limited companies, for use by the company employees. Where such a lease is with a company tenant (rather than an individual) this form of lease cannot be a Short Assured Tenancy. The Housing (Scotland) Act 1988 states that for a Short Assured Tenancy to be created, the tenant must be an individual. Where you are leasing to

Summer Placement at TC Young - a student's perspective

As a student, it?s a relief to have some kind of formal work placement organised for the summer holidays. Something more interesting than stacking shelves, a chance to apply some knowledge you have learned from University, as well as being good for the CV. But what about the content of my placement at TC Young? Would this be days filled with making coffees and photocopying?

Thankfully not. Over my short time here I have been able to work in different departments doing a variety of

Making A Will In Scotland - 10 Reasons To Have One

In July 2012 the Court of Session in Edinburgh ruled that a (Scottish) Will forged by a deceased?s mother should be set aside.?Mrs Nicol?s son died unexpectedly, he was separated from his wife with a young daughter. Mrs Nicol was concerned his estranged wife would inherit in preference to his daughter. ?Four years of court action and family acrimony then followed. Which could?easily?have been avoided if the deceased had a valid Will in place. How do you go about?making a Will in

What is the difference between a gift & a loan?

Ordinarily gifts are handed over, thanks are expressed, and the parties move on with no further thought to any legal implications. But what if that 'present' is a large cheque or valuable item? What is the difference between a gift & a loan? It depends on the circumstances and the relationship between the donor and donee. If you are unsure, put it in writing!

A case in England involving Leonard Taylor and the executor of his late partner Doris Luker is worth noting:-

  • LT and

Tenancy Agreements - Putting a guarantor agreement in place

More and more landlords are now requiring tenants to provide guarantors, in addition to carrying out the usual referencing checks. This gives a landlord some added protection against the risk of the tenant failing to pay rent under the tenancy agreement. However, it is important that landlords ensure that the guarantor signs an express agreement, so that the landlord can legally enforce the obligations against the guarantor, should the tenant fail to fulfil theirs. So how do you put a guarantor agreement in place?


How do I buy a home in Scotland 6 initial steps

For first-time buyers or those who have been out of the property market for a while, the steps involved in purchasing a property can be daunting. So how do I buy a home in Scotland? Each transaction will differ depending on the circumstances, but the initial steps are:-

  1. Set your budget ? before looking at properties, you should visit a mortgage adviser to work out your budget. Ideally, you should have an ?agreement in principle? in place with your lender before offering to buy?a property

Do I Need a Written Tenancy Agreement in Scotland?

Our lettings service LetLaw received a query?from a landlord who asked whether it was necessary for him to have a written tenancy agreement with his tenant.

The short answer is yes! Section 38 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 1988 makes it a legal requirement for a private landlord to provide a tenant with a written tenancy agreement. If the landlord fails to do so, the tenant can apply to court for this documentation to be provided.

A tenancy agreement shouldn?t be viewed as a burden