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A Guide to Employment Tribunal Procedures

Employment tribunal procedure is designed to deal with claims brought against employers by employees, which have not been resolved by other means. Many employment rights are contained in legislation and the majority of these rights can only be enforced by Employment Tribunals. Tribunals also have jurisdiction to consider some contractual claims arising from contracts of employment. While an Employment Tribunal hearing is less formal than a court hearing, the decisions made by Employment Tribunals are legally binding and must be followed. ?So what happens on

Parental rights and responsibilities

So just what are your parental rights and responsibilities? Parents have the responsibility to look after their children:

- to help them to be healthy

- encourage their growth, development and welfare

- to ensure attendance at school and an opportunity to develop to their full potential ?

Parents have the responsibility and the right to say how their children should be brought up. This includes being in charge and saying what they can and cannot do until they are 16, providing advice and guidance

Landlord Legal Rights ? When Can You Access Your Property?

One of the most frequent problems faced by landlords is how they access a property when their tenant refuses to let them in.? This is more common when the landlord, tenant relationship has broken down! What legal rights does a landlord have?

Routine Access

Most Short Assured Tenancies should have a specific clause covering landlord?s access to the property.? Most of these clauses say that the tenant agrees to give the landlord access:

  • To carry out maintenance, repair or inspection
  • Provided written notice has been